With our expertise and collaborative efforts, we offer customized development of incredible feature-driven mobile applications for android, iOS and Windows phones, together with applications for HTML5 based mobile websites, enabling businesses to make a smooth shift from web to mobile, without any distortions.

Mobile Centric Applications

To propel your business forward, we offer expertise that enhances your customers’ experience, which will drive in additional revenues. RM Technotree provides multitier mobile solutions that permits your customers to view your products, services and goods, no matter where they may be, while delivering better retentions and engagement.

Extending Your Enterprise to the Mobile App

RM Technotree’s smart apps enable enterprise applications to expand into mobile devices, spanning existing environments with your portability demands. We create tailored backend, frontend and middleware solutions that enable you to propose mobile endpoints into your business framework, permitting field force automation needs.


  • Databases
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Third Party Web Services


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Cross-Platform
  • Mobile Web
  • Legacy


  • Identity Mgmt
  • Content Mgmt
  • Business Logic
  • BI
  • Data Integration
  • Logging
  • Security
  • Load Balancing
  • Caching
  • Monitoring

Our Expertise extends into the following areas of Smart Apps

Near Field Communication

We deliver NFC enabled apps to help your enterprise to improve assets, security management, facilities and management of staff. We utilize NFC to also develop applications that permit you to implement quick and secure payment methods in a POS environment.

Optical Character Recognition

Implementation of Optical Character Recognition in mobile apps permits you to do away with manual workloads, which simultaneously reduces your costs, improves information accuracy and automates data capture and process, in the field.


With the use of Beacons, your enterprise will be able to harness the potential of location-based targets. Further, with our Beacon empowered apps, you will be able to increase your customer engagement location-whereabouts information, together with offline payments and instore retail information.


Our mobile streamlining solutions will help you engage your clients in both retail and broadcast environments. It will also bring about flexibility in working remotely. Further our mobile apps are vested with encryption and encoding capabilities, which will address the security and surveillance needs of your customers.

Augmented Reality

This feature will permit you to visualize real-time data on-site or in the field. RM Technotree delivers tailored Augmented Reality enabled apps, which will enable your contextualized information.


Our customized geo-locate apps pinpoint enterprise related information, on the map. Using this geo-locate app, we can help improve your asset management, enable tracking of your fleet, geo-fence and provide your customers with relevant locational content.

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