Two enterprising entrepreneurs floated RM Technotree to proffer a mélange of services that exclusively served the needs of Corporate Companies in the Information Technology Industry.

Since 2012, RM Technotree has been delivering a host of enterprise level, customized and integrated consulting solutions, inclusive of Staffing, Smart Applications, Analytics and BI Development, Networking and Information Security services, and Software development. Our services are a fusion of uniformly-balanced mix of technological skills, powerful methodology, domain knowledge, firsthand experience and a zest for IT.

RM Technotree is always scouting for new ventures, new ideas to promote and develop. At RM Technotree partnerships empower us to leverage the best of skills across the board, together with technology and fields of expertise. We build relationships to accelerate and augment how we discover, evolve and deliver. Our partnership with our collaborators over the years has helped sustain collaborations, paving the path to success and mutual benefits.


Runnoeun Suy, President at RM Technotree, is at the forefront, guiding and steering the affairs of the company. Mr. Suy’s rich experience stems from a long career as a Network Solution Analyst. In addition to his duties as the President of RM Technotree, he functions as a Senior Network Solution Analyst. Mr. Suy is a certified Technologist in Networking Technology from the North Seattle Community College. He also has earned an Associate Degree in General Business from the Shoreline Community College, Washington State. He loves to interact with people and has a passion for exploring new ideas.

When not buried in his work, Mr. Suy enjoys hiking, rafting, kayaking and racing cars.

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