RM Technotree concentrates on providing, flawless integration of data analysis and ETL solutions for information systems and Business Intelligence processes existing in your company.

We offer extensive Business Intelligence solutions that contribute to understanding the critical business metrics, help expel waste and enable more strategic informed decisions.

BI Services
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Data Mining
  • Performance
  • Reporting
BI Synergic Workspace
  • Research and Analyze
  • Decision Making
  • Manage BI Methodologies
  • Ensure improvements
  • Impact Business process
  • Support BI tools
BI Data
  • Integrated, consistent in-house data sources
  • Integrated, consistent environment data solutions
BI Ready Data Infrastructure
  • Manageable
  • Flexible

Analysis and Reporting

With our experience we offer to create an effective Online Analytical Process System (OLAP), that is able to sort, analyze, filter and present selected data at various levels with details from the initial person based productivity indicators to the complete and comprehensive business performance, which will provide the top and senior management expansive reports to enable them to make intuitive decisions. Our expertise extends to designing specialized analysis models is tuned to deliver complete reports rapidly. The intrinsic caliber of our decision engineering, functions to provide real-time analysis and develops action plans that users can use to forecast, optimize algorithms, simulate, and draw up decision trees, and more, so as to perceive the results of their decisions.


Data Warehousing

In the business analysis process, utilization of low quality – incomplete, outdated, unattributed data, will not help provide the desired results. RM Technotree assists in grading and reviewing the existing business processes. We focus our efforts on building an agile data warehouse solution, which will enable efficient retrieving, capturing and cross-linking of the key data from the numerous processing systems, customer management systems, customer data directories and other sources, to deliver the final results to a specific consolidated database, while maintaining all security aspects.


Perceptive Results

A perplexing or even an unattractive visual representation of the final results can mean nothing if an efficient BI system is not created. RM Technotree offers diverse options to visualize your data in the form of: Charts, Diagrams, Digital Dashboards, Scorecards, Spreadsheets. Using any or most of the above, you will be able to optimize and deploy your capabilities to get a clear picture of the functioning of a division or companywide performances.


Custom-Built BI Solutions

For those clients requiring a customized solution, RM Technotree develops tailor-made, flexible BI solutions that enable your employees to make data-driven decisions, easily. Using our services you can be rest assured of our dependability and you can totally rely on our systems architects, developers and QA professionals to deliver secure, stable and tailored business intelligence solutions.

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